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If it Doesn't Satisfy Your Taste it'll End Up as Food Waste

When you buy food, 20% of it is bound to go to the landfill. Between false expiration dates and over buying, we are wasting tons of food. Despite the many issues food waste produces, there are still solutions. more


Carbon Footprint

While you might have heard the term carbon footprint before, you might not know what it means. Our carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouses produced by our actions. While greenhouses gases are actually natural, there is too much of them, leading to a rather large environmental crisis. Read this article to learn more about  your carbon footprint and how to help lower it! more

What is to be Expected From This Outbreak

Even though the Coronavirus has taken a turn on the human race, there are some positive outlooks on the environment. Air quality levels are looking better in some parts of the world and animals are reclaiming land. However, it can't all be good news.


Murder Hornets

Did you know that there are now hornets that are 2-3 inches long?Murder hornets can kill a grown man by stinging you more than 3 times. You may be thinking, " It will die after it stings you once", but with this new species of hornet, that's no longer the case. 


Bioluminescent Waves

All over the internet there have been pictures and videos of mysterious, yet magnificent blue waves. Why are they blue you might ask. Is it magic? Where can I see them? They are a fleeting beauty, so learn more about them before they are gone for another few decades.


Recent Events


How to help the Earth in quarantine

While stuck at home we may think that we don't need to help the environment anymore because what can we do from home! Well, there are several activities and things you can switch in your daily life to even make the smallest amount of change because in the long run it will make a big difference. more

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