Our earth is dying, and we are the ones responsible. One cause of this is food waste. As much as 40% of our food is wasted. In America alone, 165 billion dollars are spent on wasted food. 20 pounds per person each month is being thrown out. That means that on average, a person throws away at least 240 pounds of food in a year. All in all, we waste 1.3 billion tons of food globally in a year. This amount has increased 50% since 1974 and is still increasing. There are people out there who need that food to survive, and don't have it. 9.1 million people die each year from starvation, and in 2013 around 50 million people lived in food insecure households. People starve, and this is happening in  countries with tones of food to spare. These people could use this food, but we still waste it all. We are also wasting labor and resources.This is wasting the time of the  people who pick, grow and transport the food. Migrant workers put their blood, sweat, and tears into getting people like us food and we just throw away. The food in landfills also gives off methane, which is a green house gas that is hurting the Earth. This gas can end up increasing the world wide temperature, leading to potential natural disasters. 


This may sound scary and it is, but there are solutions. Did you know most expiration dates are made up? Most are wrong, and this is actually the the cause of most of our problems. If a store doesn't sell a product by its sell by date, they will throw it away. Even though it could be perfectly fine, it is being thrown away about a week before it needs to be. The best buy dates don't mean that the food will go rotten imidetatly,  and if the food doesn't have mold and smells/tastes like it supposed to, it is still good. Another thing to go by is that a little dirt don't hurt. If you drop a piece of food use the 5 second rule. It won't kill you and you can easily brush or wash the food item off if you want to. You no longer need to waste more  food that fell on the ground. If we can change our ways of throwing away these valuable pieces of food,  we can help the planet and help the workers that get us food. Let's save the world one meal at a time!