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Despite the many tragedies that our society has been burdened with due to the Coronavirus, it is actually doing some good for environment. From January to February, 2020, the pollution levels in Beijing, China were nearly cut down by 25%. We are also experiencing the most dramatic drop in carbon dioxide levels the world has ever seen. In big cities like Los Angeles the pollution is clearing because very few people are driving their cars. You now see all the way to the ocean in some parts of the city where that is highly unusual. Can the Coronavirus really help the earth breathe again?


Sadly, it's not all good news. One of the worst environmental side-effects of the coronavirus is the increase in the use of plastic, especially from medical equipment like gloves. In addition, there has been a significant increase in plastic packaging as more people have switched to prepackaged foods. Many efforts that were trying to help the environment have been put on hold due to the current crisis. For example, some cafes were taking reusable cups from customers, but because of the pandemic, they had to do away with this system for now, as it was seen as a way to spread the virus. 


There may be quite a few down sides in our lives, but with most of us on lockdown and indoors, many little critters and animals are re-exploring the land that was once theirs and reclaiming their territory. Without humans in the way, nature is beginning to thrive.


The Coronavirus has grasped our worlds attention and so the climate crisis has been put on the back burner. Experts wonder if the Coronavirus is truly doing the environment good, of or is it just momentarily helping. Without an exceeding amount of effort, the levels are unlikely to stay down. This means that the earth will still be in need for people to make a difference. Despite the environmental advantages the Coronavirus has provided, we still need to be be environmentally conscious, and continue to pursue a better future for our planet. Let us not wait for another pandemic to heal the earth. 


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