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T-Shirt Bag:


One of the biggest uses of plastic is plastic bags. We must admit that even when we’re trying to be eco-friendly, we always use plastic bags to carry things. Like, groceries, clothes, or just random everyday things. We have already tried using reusable cloth bags and some people use them. But, people forget them at home or they are too expensive to afford. So, we came up with a solution. A bag that is free, made of up-cycled materials, and made in 3 simple steps. Not only will this save money, but the environment too. T-shirt bags are the new plastic bags. 


  • A T-shirt

  • A Pair of Scissors


Here are the steps to making your T-Shirt Bag:


  • Cut the bottom of your T-shirt into frills about 2 inches tall ¾ inches wide and then pull on the frills to make them longer and thinner (make sure that while your cutting one side the other side is ALSO getting cut at the same time, so they are lined up)


  • Start on one side of the shirt and tie two frills together in a double knot. One frill from the top and the other from the other side. Repeat until you get to the other side of the bag, then go back and tie knots where there is any holes


Tip: To find where the holes are look inside the shirt and see where light is peeking through. Having a tight bag with no holes can hold heavier things.

  •  Cut the sleeves off (handles) and cut the neckline so it dips lower (Opening) 


Tip: Adjust to how big you want your bag opening and how long/wide the handles are by cutting the sleeves and neckline differently


You now have your very own upcycled T-Shirt Bag! You can replace this for your plastic bags and can be used for groceries, shopping, or carrying sports materials. Another benefit of this bag is that if it gets dirty you can wash it because it's just a tshirt! Not only does this help the environment, but it’s reusable, simple, and it looks cute!

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