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Cloth Mask

In this pandemic a lot of germs are being passed around. in order to stay safe and healthy we should wear masks while going out to public places. Although, surgical face masks are great they can only be used 1 or twice before they have to be thrown away. That means you'd be wasting a lot of the masks. You can't reuse it because it collects germs while being exposed to the outside air. What's the point of it them? With this DIY you can wash your face mask and get all the germs out. If you have to go out wear this mask. Stay safe and healthy!

What you'll need:

  • 2 rubber bands (ones that are stretched out are better because it won't hurt your ears as much)

  • A handkerchief or piece of cloth around that size, but it should be close to a square shape



  •  Fold the cloth in half (so it's a rectangle) 

  • Then half again (so it's an even thinner rectangle)

Tip: Adjust how much you fold it in half to make sure it covers your nose and chin

  • Put the rubber bands on both ends of the cloth pushed into the middle a bit

  • Fold the sides to meet the middle (over the rubber bands)

  • Flip it over and put the rubber bands over your ears

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