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D.I.Y. Crayons:

             Do you ever need that one crayon color that would look perfect on your drawing? About 45,000 to 75,000 crayons get thrown away a year because they are broken or you all ready have five of that same color. They aren’t biodegradable so they become sludge in our landfills. There is so many ways that you could up cycle those crayons and make totally new colors! You could make your own D.I.Y crayons! 


What you’ll need:

  • Broken crayons

  • A mold (silicone) 

  • Hair blower

  • X-Acto knife (if you want)


  • Sort your crayons into pretty color schemes or of the same color

  • Take the wrappers off using an X-Acto knife or your fingers

  • Then put them in the molds

  • Use the blow dryer to melt them

  • Let them cool

  • Pop them out

And finally...



If you don’t want to help by doing this D.I.Y that's okay! Another way you can help with the crayon problem is donate them to the Crayon Initiative! read more... 

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